Colorado Jazz Group

Created with Hi Noon | Co-Founder & Designer

Colorado Jazz Group logo and illustration
Colorado Jazz Group is a non-profit that brings jazz education to Colorado youth and brings the community together through annual jazz festivals led by local artists. They approached us to create a brand system that would flex from their non-profit to other events. Ensuring it was engaging to a younger demographic and paying homage the jazz roots.
Art Direction 
Brand Identity 
Light Copywriting
Logo Design
Photography Direction 
Web Design
Web Development
Colorado Jazz Group logo and illustration blocking

Brand Identity 

By designing a color and illustration system that can accommodate any medium, Colorado Jazz Group is recognizable throughout all touchpoints. We created a custom geometric “Jazz” wordmark as the pillar that accompanying words can sit around. This allows it to flex between their non-profit, annual festival, and backstage parties while keeping its core identity.

Colorado Jazz Group business cards
Mockup of Colorado Jazz Festival on billboard